Father-and-Son Learning

In this fast-paced world, we appreciate the need for kosher, entertaining outlets for our youth. To fill that need, we’ve created a program geared specifically toward public school students and college-aged boys, providing a healthy and appropriate environment infused with Torah and Judaism. The targeted youth program breaks down the barriers that prevent religious unaffiliated youth from learning, giving them the opportunity to learn in a bet midrash without pressure or insecurity. Participants of the youth program often “graduate” to learning with a chavruta or on a consistent basis.

Several nights weekly, our boys convene to enjoy game nights, barbecues, captivating lectures, and assorted events where they satisfy their physical appetite, emotional hunger, social cravings, and spiritual thirst. They participate in Monday Night Sushi, Wednesday Night BBQ, and Thursday Night Cholent & Mishmar to feed their bodies and Q&A sessions with the Rosh Kollel on any topic of choice to nourish their souls.


The summer SEED program is a unique opportunity for our teenaged boys and young men to connect on a fundamental level with bachurim from all over the country. Long summer days with a lack of structure tend to be tiresome and unproductive; with SEED, the days are jam-packed with vibrancy and accomplishment. With exciting daily activities and learning sessions, SEED participants report feeling dynamic and meaningful, using their time off to enhance their lives and their knowledge.

Summer break is not the only unstructured time of the year. The kollel offers Winter SEED, Succot SEED, and Pesach SEED as well, providing structured learning and fun during time off of school.